Digital IQ - an IQ Hub initiative

Digital IQ is supporting digital connectivity and innovation across the New England North West regional area. 


As a community focused initiative, we seek to provide access to local area expertise, advice and information within the community, to assist develop regional and rural digital capacity. 


Digital IQ works with local area partners & providers to deliver advisory, workshops and digital resources. We deliver opportunity focused digital information and training, explaining and supporting community (individuals and groups) and businesses (startups, social enterprises, No n profits) based within the region. 


We also put back into communities, supporting initiatives that encourage and support digital inclusiveness; so that all community members can benefit from digital and internet technologies.


A key point of differentiation for Digital IQ is our capacity for mobility. We are focused on efficient and effective delivery models incorporating regional 'face to face' engagement. Our organisation and advisers understand the importance of community engagement and provide direct , tailored, community attuned support to regional & remote communities. 


The Digital IQ website provides access to a range of resources for the community including :


Digital Analytics Tools - a range of tools to assist clients and the community formulate digital idea, understand needs and plan action strategies. We also develop surveys and questionnaires targeted to the needs of local community. 


Digital Evolution Kits - a range of online information resources, to assist clients and community members self learn digital know how. Our team includes experienced trainers & content developers.


Digital IQ Ecosystem maps - maps showcasing 'digital ecosystem' participants; including consultants, training, community and knowledge providers. The ecosystem maps are complemented by a provider table. Any organisation based within the areas covered by Digital IQ can provide information to be included within the table. Our organisation and advisers understand the importance of referrals, to other forms of support and information. 


Digital Gigs - a listing of workshops, seminars and other events being conducted around the regions connected to the theme of digital. There is a listing of events by the month, for the week and a table of all known upcoming events. 


Digital Boost  - Digital IQ can direct organisations requiring digital assistance towards regional based service providers and additional community programs incorporating FREE one-on-one digital advisory sessions. Other community backed or government funded initiatives are encouraged to connect and collaborate.


Digital Connected  - Support for all members of regional communities, seeking to encourage digital inclusiveness for all Australians. We provide fundamental skills and knowledge training, to cater for different stages of digital understanding and age demographics. 


Digital IQ works with local area education, training and professional services providers, towards maximising local area economic benefits.


The Digital IQ website provides an open resource for businesses based within regional and remote areas, community organisations and individuals wishing to develop digital ideas and capacity.  You are welcome to connect via Social Media channels, call or send an email for more information. 


Digital IQ is supports the Regional IQ Inc Association ( INC1900287 ). The association is governed by a board of directors and advisors, providing governance and executive oversight to programs and initiatives. For more information or to get involved visit or



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