Digital IQ - an IQ Hub initiative


Digital IQ is helping regional Australia evolve into a progressive digital economy by 2020.


Digital IQ provides workshops, training, seminars and digital resources explaining the opportunities provided to small business by the emerging digital economy and related technology.


Digital IQ can provide group training workshops and one-on-one digital coaching sessions tailored to your requirements.


This website as a free resource for small businesses, community organisations and individuals wishing to improve their presence online. The work and time taken to maintain this website, has been gifted to the people of regional and rural Australia.


The website is designed as a companion to training workshop offered within regional and rural areas, developed from materials readily available via community resources, a commitment to maximise the benefits of the digital economy for all Australians.


There is information here that will help you if you are thinking about setting up an online business or community organisation. See Getting Online in the home page menu. This is covered in Module 1 of the group training workshops.


There is information to help you create an effective and secure e-commerce website. You will find this under Selling Online. This is covered in Module 2 of the group training workshops.


There is a section on techniques and tools to help drive more traffic to your website, as well as using social media for business. See Build your audience in the main menu. This is covered in Module 3 of the group training workshops.


And there is a section on online tools that will help you work more productively and efficiently. See Efficiency Tools. This is Module 4 of the group training workshops.


Whilst there’s a lot of information on this website, you will get the greatest benefit from attending training sessions. Register for a free 1-hour Introductory Sessions or participant in group training workshops (Modules 1-4) by emailing us for more information. 


Attendance at a free 1-hour Introductory Session entitles you to other additional, possibly subsidised face-to-face digital coaching sessions.


If you have any questions about the website, Digital IQ or about digital business in general, we’d enjoy your contact.


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