Community Initiatives

Digital IQ is a proud supporter and member of various community groups and associations, primarily located within the New England North West region including : -  

Historical Societies

Mens Sheds  

Historical IQ

Digital IQ is a member of various state and national peak bodies, where benefits of these memberships and associations, can add value to regional stakeholder Community Connections including : -  


The Federation of Australian Historical Societies



Digital IQ is proudly supporting regional based Historical Societies & History Groups, access and leverage digital tools. The support includes:


a/. Capturing and sharing regional historically significant items

b/. Supporting the capture of local area stories, from local area historians and community members.


To access free support and tools, regional and rural based groups, can contact Digital IQ team members.


Digital IQ is a member of the following groups : - 


Walcha and District Historical Society -

Coonabarabran History Group Inc. -

Narrabri Historical Society

Quirindi & District Historical Society -


Bloke Jokes!

Digital IQ supports Mens Sheds around the region, via membership and providing digital support.


Question :Why did the chicken cross the road ? 

Answer: To get to a Mens Shed of course...


"Blokes Jokes" is about having a laugh and finding unique jokes around the region. Watch this space, as Bloke Jokes, (screened and with approvals) are provided to share. 


Digital IQ is a member of the following Mens Sheds : - 


Tenterfield Mens Shed

Moree Mens Shed