Did you know?

Across the region Digital IQ services, ten of thousands of community members are not connected to or are limited users of the internet.


  • A significant percentage of Senior Age community members, NEVER use the internet*
  • 27% of people over 65 in Australia, NEVER use the internet* 
  • 4 million people in Australia have limited digital skills* 

This is a problem, as a high percentage of community members do not access digital tools to assist manage connections, health, well-being & access essential items for their needs.


*Research via Good Things Foundation


Contributing to Community Solutions

Digital IQ - Be Connected Capacity Builders

Digital IQ is assisting develop a network of community Digital Mentors. 


A structured training & direct support program is being delivered across the Northern NSW region,  involving a network of community advisors.


We also facilitate direct community support via key Network Partner locations, ensuring community members are provided with direct support if seeking to connect to the internet. Digital IQ works in collaboration & cooperation across the region with Network & Location Partners; seeking ways to put back into partner locations & the communities we serve. 


Digital IQ delivers community initiatives, supporting regional, rural & remote communities.  Many thousands of community members have engaged with Digital IQ via workshops, meet ups & community engagement events.