For Next Gen - Be Achievers

Be Achievers is a regional initiative seeking to encourage early age entrepreneurship and community engagement, to that the next regional generation can thrive in a digital world.


Be Achievers will provides online learning resources as well as a Network of community partners - the Be Achievers Network - who will offer in-person support so next generation regional entrepreneurs can develop digital skills and confidence.


As part of Be Achievers we aim to develop and implement community connections, that encourages next generation regional Australians to engage with experienced senior Australians under a 'buddy system'; that seeks to support two way engagement, experience and digital know how exchange.



The Be Achievers initiative will strive for the following :


1. Everyone is encouraged to achieve an objective.

2. Everyone is offered a safe place to exchange and learn.

3. Everyone is treated fairly with respect

4. Everyone is given free help and support to use computers, internet and gain digital skills within a defined buddy program.

5. Everyone is provided with a clear buddy program so there is understanding regarding the skills & experiences to be exchanged.

6. Everyone is given advice on what to do next, including being signposted to progression opportunities outside of your organisations