A clear set of goals leads to a strong online business plan

What goals do you have?

  • Attract more local, national or global customers, supporters and donors.
  • Create value for your customers, supporters and donors.
  • Reduce your costs.
  • Raise awareness about your organisation.
  • Increase your revenues and donations.
  • Have more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Be more aware of what your users are saying about your organisation.
  • Develop better ways of getting feedback from your user.
  • Develop more ways of measuring the success of your organisation.
  • Make it easier for people to get in touch with you, including on their mobile phones?

Which online activities would benefit your organisation? For example, do you want to:

How can your online activities help you achieve your goals?

  • A cafe may want to use the web to drive foot traffic to its physical location.
  • A gift store might aim to increase sales outside its immediate geographic area.
  • A furniture company may seek to reduce the number of returned products by providing online instructional videos for assembling items.
  • A community organisation might use an online forum to notify volunteers of opportunities to get involved with local events.
  • A charity might use social media to promote a fundraising initiative.