There are tools to help you sell products & services and collect donations online.

e-Commerce, or electronic commerce, refers to transactions completed online, often via a  website or a mobile app. If you want to sell goods and services or collect donations online, there is a range of e-commerce software and services available.

e-Commerce essentials

Tips on how to create a satisfying e-commerce experience for you and your customers, supporters or donors.

Setting up an online store

Tips on choosing your sales platform, payment method and payment gateway, and managing the logistics of shipping items.

Setting up online fundraising

Tips on online and mobile services that can help you to request and manage donations.

Online customer service

Tips on the tools that can help you help you improve customer service, from frequently asked questions pages to real-time online support.

GST and selling overseas

Tips on what kinds of transaction are accompanied by GST, whether you are selling within Australia or overseas.

Online marketplaces

Tips on third-party websites that allow you to sell online without creating your own e-commerce-enabled website.