What are some things you can do to start selling online?

In this section, we will give you some tips on setting up an online store. We will cover:

Planning an online store

While you are in the planning stages, it is a good idea to think about ways to provide the best experience for web users.

Try to make the entire process of online shopping as hassle-free as possible. The more straightforward the experience, the more likely users are to place an order with you—and hopefully come back again.

Consider things like:

  • Providing detailed information about delivery options
  • Allowing users to make purchases easily—being able to buy with two clicks is ideal
  • Not collecting more personal information than you need
  • Providing a site search feature.

Site search features may come bundled with an e-commerce plugin or an e-commerce software package. You can also buy site search features from companies like Google and Wrensoft. If you are working with a web developer, you can talk to them about building site search features.

The range of e-commerce features you have access to may depend on the level of investment you can make. Generally speaking, if you are prepared to spend more time and money, you can expect more customised and complex features.