Efficiency Tools

How can the internet help my business?


This section introduces you to a range of online tools that can be used to help your organisation run more efficiently. These tools can help you reduce costs, better manage customers and remotely manage your organisation.

in this section

Online communications tools

Tips on the online tools that can help you communicate more efficiently with colleagues, suppliers and customers.



Working remotely

Tips on how online tools can allow you and your staff to work outside the office.

Online book-keeping

Tips on how you can manage sales and book-keeping online, including outsourced bookkeeping services that you can manage online.



Customer management tools

Tips on how online tools can assist you with customer relationship management, lead management and client management.

Online government services

Tips on the range of government services available online that can help make running and managing your organisation easier.

Online training resources

Tips on the range of training that you and your colleagues and staff can do over the internet.

Business networking online

Tips on the range of tools and websites that can help you build connections for your organisation, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.