How can an organisation benefit from telework?

Teleworking refers to the use of technology to allow people to work away from the office. An example of teleworking would be holding a meeting using video chat. As such, teleworking uses online tools like email,  instant messaging, VoIP and video conference.

For more information on these technologies, see ‘Online communication tools’.

Telework may benefit your organisation in the following ways:


  • Increased workforce participation. Sometimes people are unable to join their colleagues at a central office. Telework can allow them to participate in the workplace without the need to physically commute to an office.
  • Time and cost savings for staff through a reduced need to travel for work.
  • Attracting the best employees regardless of their location.
  • Cost savings for employers through a reduced need for office space and electricity.
  • Reduced impact on the environment
    – via less congestion on roads and public transport.
    – via reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.


For more information, see:

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