Peter Carolan – A1 Carpet Warehouse, Tamworth


Starting out as Carpet World in 1968 and growing to include A1 Carpet Warehouse meant more stock, more record keeping and improving our existing methods to communicate with customers. It also meant that our communications systems had to keep up and evolve, as required.  Enter Derek Tink and [...]

Fenella Jane – KISS Products


KISS produces soap and skincare products which are created and manufactured in Tamworth using Honey and Beeswax as the raw ingredients that are locally produced from the Northern New England area. KISS products had a small online presence before attending the workshops. It was my intent to go along [...]

Brendon North – Paradise Fresh


Paradise Fresh began with farmers looking to sell their product direct to consumers through the Internet. Paradise Fresh are a home delivery fruit and vegetable franchise with all ordering through our website. We are a regionally based franchise system with a priority on using locally sourced produce from [...]

David Foster – Howard Products Australia


Since 1991 we have been the exclusive distributor of Howard Products extensive range of furniture and wood-care products in Australia and New Zealand. Howard Products began production in California in 1969 and now the business is one of the most respected manufacturers and suppliers of high quality oils, [...]