The more you know about digital strategies to target overseas markets, the more potential you have to grow your online sales.


This section is intended to help you find out how to start the process of developing a digital strategy targeting global online markets.

It addresses questions like:

‘What steps are there to developing your international online presence?’

‘What online options do I have to market my products and services online around the globe?’

Through feedback collected via Digital Enterprise workshops conducted in the region, it has been determined that there is significant interest within the business community regarding opportunities to develop international trade opportunities via digital channels, spanning import, export, tourism and investment opportunities.

Devising a digital strategy, with consideration to global digital marketing strategy, can open doors to a range of international opportunities. Your online presence can support existing marketing and sales activities and allow you to engage in e-commerce, across the region, across the nation and potentially from around the globe.

Digital Strategy and Project Management

If you do not currently have a Digital Strategy, please refer to 'Digital Health Check' contained within this website , else send an email to or call the office.



The stages of developing and delivering business online are explained through a practical Sales and Marketing cycle model.

This six-stage model observes the activities a company performs as it seeks to source new customers, maximise sales, and service and retain customers. A company moves through each stage of the model in a circular fashion, starting with ‘Raise Awareness’.

We have grouped together the first three activities of the cycle under the banner developing your online presence. For the first activity, raising awareness, we consider the website build, registering a domain name, and promoting your website.

Promoting your website involves registering with search engines, conducting email campaigns, and linking to other websites.

We then give tips on providing information and detailing offerings on your website.

The last three activities of the Sales and Marketing cycle are grouped together under the banner delivering on your online promise. We outline approaches to conducting transactions online, touch on ways to deliver your products and services to the customer, and provide useful tips on how to build relationships through good online customer service.

Finally, we emphasise the importance of strategic planning, particularly when combining e-business with offline business.

A Resources section at the end provides checklists to take you step-by-step through key processes for:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Good exporter websites
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Writing meta-tags
  • Email marketing
  • Pay per click (PPC) advertising.

There are also extra tools and information on:

  • Email marketing terms
  • Budgeting for website development
  • Country-specific search engines.

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