Cowboy Santa and Elves - Christmas Campaign

Make a difference this Christmas – Help Seniors Community Members Connect


Join in the fun of the ‘Cowboy Santa’ and ‘Elf’ campaign. It’s a bit tricky in the bush at the present. Things are a bit tough with ongoing dry weather conditions impacting towns across the region.


With Christmas just around the corner, connecting people across the community to the online world is top of the Christmas list for the team at Digital IQ. 


We’re out to make a difference in the lead up to Christmas, by developing a network of helpers to assist connect senior community members to internet technologies.


Why? The reasons are many.


Times are challenging, being there for others, helping families and community members connect to the online world - is a lasting Christmas gift, wrapped with care and a treasured keepsake.   Towards sharing a bit of fun, we’ve developed the ‘Cowboy Santa’ and ‘Elf’ campaign – an initiative to support digital helpers connect senior community members to technology. 

What is a digital helper ‘Elf’ ?

Digital IQ is seeking helpers to assist support seniors in our community connect with the internet via digital tools. 


To have a bit of fun, we are referring to these helpers as ‘Elves’ ; folks out to make a difference, in the lead up to Christmas. 


Helpers (Elves) will be provided training, support, ‘special’ tools of the trade & details of people to connect with – to support others one-on-one, in small groups – whilst spreading Christmas cheer. 


You’ll have an important role to play this Christmas, ‘helping people, help themselves’ & connecting families. 


Provided Training and Support


Each helper (Elves) will benefit from direct support and training from a lead Digital IQ mentor (Cowboy Santa), experienced in training digital literacy skills


You will receive face-to-face training sessions using community focused training packages (thanks to good friends at the Good Things Foundation*).


To assist connect community members with support, you will have access to tools, websites, information and resources; designed specifically to help seniors get connected. 

The campaign is made possible via the support of our good friends at the Be Connected program and Good Things Foundation.

Each helper (Elf) will go directly to the top of Santa’s good list. Elves will receive a sack of Santa Goodies; thanks to supporters of the ‘Cowboy Santa’ campaign.


To get involved, simply get in touch. email - or call 02 8005 0577


*‘Digital Mentoring: Helping your community Be Connected’


*‘Digital Mentoring: Helping your community Be Connected’ is an interactive, free training and support program for digital mentors working in the Be Connected program. 


Digital mentors participating in this program will receive one full day of training plus two hours of follow up support, building their confidence in delivering digital skills support to people aged over 50 in their community. Participating digital mentors will increase their understanding of best practice digital mentoring techniques and how to tailor their delivery to meet the needs of learners.