Health My Way

Did you know?


  • A significant percentage of Senior Age community members, NEVER use the internet.
  • 27% of people over 65 in Australia, NEVER use the internet. 
  • 4 million people in Australia have limited digital skills


Across the New England North West region, ten of thousands of community members are not connected to or are limited users of the internet.


Community members that do not use technology, do not access the internet are at risk of digital exclusion; not connecting to families, friends, important health information, support groups and / or essentials for their households.


The team at Digital IQ are passionate about supporting community access information and technology that can improve people's lives.


We support connections to learn how digital, internet and mobile technology can be leveraged to manage or improve health, wellbeing & connectivity. 


To access support to help community connect or to express an interest to assist others in community connect, please get in touch. 

Digital IQ comprises a group of regional locals, passionate about supporting community members access the internet & digital tools.


The group comprises locals support spanning the New England and North West area.


As the situation around Coronavirus (COVID-19) evoles, it is important that community members respond, including social distancing and remaining at home.


There are segments of our community, that are at higher risk of the potential dangers presented via COVID-19 & also at risk of social digital exclusion, as some community members do not know how to access digital technology. This means, a significant percentage of the regional community are not connecting to families, friends, important health information, support groups and / or essentials for their households.


It is important more than ever, that families, friends and community members, connect and support each other; particularly those potentially more vulnerable to changes.


Spend a moment to think about one person in the community, that you may know could benefit from a small helping hand, to get connected to digital technology and the internet.   


The support network comprises individuals who have completed structured Digital Mentoring training, work to a secure structured program & have undertaken a National Police Check, for security. 


Health My Way is a Good Things Foundation program supported by the Australian Digital Health Agency.


Supporting people to learn essential digital health literacy skills is critical to ensuring every Australian has the ability to make informed, confident choices when it comes to supporting their health and wellbeing online. 


Digital IQ has responded to this challenge and expressed an interest in providing digital health literacy support to meet this need.


During 2020, Digital IQ will be assisting deliver the Health My Way digital health literacy program across the New England North West region. The program will  support people aged over 18 years to gain essential skills and confidence in managing their health and wellbeing online. 


Are your friends or family members currently or potentially in need of learning new digital skills?


Be their biggest advocate by demonstrating how the internet can be meaningful for them. You can also direct them to Digital IQ for additional support and training resources to help them continue their learning. You may also be interested in helping others as a community Digital Mentor.


If you are interested in a free meet up to discuss Health My Way, contact us via or click on buttons above & below.