Digital Germinator - Seeding Digital Ideas - Get Online Week 2019

What did Leonardo Da Vinci, Issac Newton, Einstein, Ford, Tesla have in common?


Great ideas, creativity and a drive to create change. Did you know, their best ideas were dreamed up, when over the age of 50!

Also worth considering, what did they all “not have”? No digital technologies like the internet, providing access to volumes of information, ideas and connections.


Digital IQ, a Be Connected Network Partner, is excited to bring the "Digital Germinator - Seeding Digital Ideas" meet-up workshop.


Are you aged under 35 and a gun at all things digital? Know how to use a computer, smart phone, connect to the internet? – great this meet up is for you!


Are you aged 50 or over, a guru at business, community leader, group doer – the experience to make things happen in the real world? – great this meet up is for you!


Digital Germinator is out to generate digital ideas and connect community, in ways that empower ideas into action.


The Digital Germinator workshops bring community together to explore digital tools, ideas, trends and opportunity for collaboration.

This event seeks to connect 'one on one' "Digital Mentoring" partnerships, where a ‘digitally keen gun’ youth will be partnered up with an ‘experienced accomplished guru’.


Part motivational, part creativity, part blue skies thinking – but all fun and adventure.


This meetup event will explore turning 'issues into opportunities', ‘barriers into bridges’ and 'building positive connections' within the community – #beepositive


What ever your industry, experience or background – you are invited to get involved, be connected, get online and get motivated to bring new ideas to life.


Each meetup will overview a 'challenge'- connected to a town need - with items awarded to the ideas judged to be the 'most likely to connect' people around the area and unlock opportunities.


The great Steve Jobs famously quoted. “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future” – experience pays, connected people create the future.


Meetups will be conducted at the below towns, dates and locations. Book your ticket now (seats are limited, and subject to invitation only)

by clicking on the relevant link below.


Meetups - Locations, Dates, Times