You may need to convince key management decision makers about the benefits of your online business plan.

If you are not an owner or manager of your organisation, you will probably need to win the support of the key decision-makers in order to get a web project started.


It may be these decision-makers’ money that you want to spend, so they will want to hear about what the Internet can do for them.


When you are proposing a web solution for your organisation, you might like to consider doing the following things:


Provide a clear explanation of your online business plan.
What goals do you have for your organisation?
Which online activities would benefit you?
How can your online activities help you achieve your goals?
To help you formulate answers to these questions, see ‘Planning your online activities‘.

Tell the key decision-makers that the return on their investment can be measured.


You may be able to use analytics software to measure the success of how your online business plan is performing

Identify issues that an online presence could help address.

Have your friends, customers, supporters or donors approached you with problems they have had with your organisation. Could these issues be addressed with online tools?


Has somebody told you that they would have bought a product from your organisation if only you sold online?


Have people had to call you up to ask straightforward questions that a frequently asked questions page could have resolved much more quickly?


These are issues that your online presence could address.


Show the key decision-makers what other organisations are doing online.


Show them what other organisations are doing online, and, if possible, how they have benefited from their online activities. Ask for the key decision-makers’ input.


The best online business plans are driven by the business goals of the organisation. Ultimately, the key decision-makers are likely to have firm ideas about their goals, and may be able to provide guidance for the online business plan


Identifying who should be involved in the decision-making process


It is important to identify who will be involved in approving your online business plan. This will differ depending on the size of your organization.

Smaller organisations


If you are a smaller organisation, you may find it easier to involve all relevant decision-makers in both the evolution of the strategy and the project implementation. An online business plan that reflects the long-term vision and overall strategic direction of the organisation is more likely to succeed.

Larger organisations


Having the most senior levels of your organisation involved in the development, review and sign-off on your online business plan should help ensure that it aligns with the goals of the organisation. It may be just as important to keep non-executive decision-makers—like board members or trustees—informed about the project as well.