How can you achieve your goals?

After assessing your organisation’s online business goals a useful next step in preparing an online business plan may be to work out what you need to do to meet your online business goals. In order to do this, it is a good idea to define—and, if possible, document—the requirements for your web presence.

Things to consider when defining your requirements for your web presence include:

  • Your goals

In most cases, online platforms are intended to open up new marketing opportunities, provide new service options, allow you to be always open for business, or enable clients or members, donors and supporters to have a single point of contact. For more information, see ‘Defining your goals’.

  • Your budget

Try to keep this in line with your goals. See ‘Costs and budget constraints‘ to help you decide how best to use your budget.

  • The functionality

What do you want your web presence to be capable of doing? By understanding generally what technical options exist, you should be able to better define and outline your own requirements. For example, do you want to be able to sell products and services, or collect donations online? If so, you can find more information in ‘e-Commerce’.

  • Your schedule

Do you have enough time to create the web presence that you want to create? For more information, see ‘Website building timeframes’.

  • Your marketing objectives

Think about how you want your online presence to position your organisation, generate traffic, and increase your revenue. For more information, see ‘Marketing online’.


DigitalIQ tips

Thinking about outsourcing?

If you are planning on  hiring web professionals to help create your site, it is a good idea to work with these professionals to produce what’s called a ‘functional specification document’ before they start work. The functional specification document should clearly define what functionality you want for your website, including complex functionality, such as e-commerce or something relatively simple, like a feedback or ‘contact us’ form. The web professionals you hire can use this document as a blueprint for your site.

Addressing your business goals on a budget

It is possible for organisations to achieve their digital communication goals without spending a lot of time and money.

Making use of existing websites

If you are a small organisation or a sole trader, then you may able to achieve your goals by creating a presence on an existing website like:

Facebook external link
external linkGoogle Places
external linkLinkedIn

For more information, see ‘Your website type’.

Selling with online marketplaces

Selling your products on an existing online marketplace could be the most straightforward way to do  e-commerce. These sites allow you to sell your products online without investing time or money into creating your own e-commerce website.

Online marketplaces include:

external linkAmazon
external linkeBay
external linkGumtree
external linkTrading Post

For more information, see ‘Online marketplaces’.

Using free website building packages

One of the most straightforward ways to build a basic website is to use a free package that will provide you with both a template web design and a web content management system (CMS).

However, you will most likely still have to pay for web hosting and domain registration.

For more information, see ‘Building your website’.

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