How can you help your website meet web standards?

To help make sure that your website is consistent with best practice, consider the following:

  • Achieving a website consistent with visitor expectations.
  • Making sure that your code is consistent with web coding standards.
  • Using the Sitemaps protocol for search engine optimisation.

Achieving a website consistent with visitor expectations

There is nothing wrong with being creative with the design of your online presence. However, there are certain standard items that web users are likely to expect to see when they visit a website:

  • Contact information
  • Opening hours and a map
  • A search function to help visitors find specific information
  • The ability to return to the home page with a single click
  • Text that is easily readable, with:
    –  Highlighted keywords
    –  Strong contrast between text colour and background colour
    –  Useful sub-headings
    –  Short paragraphs
    –  Low word counts per page
  • Terms of use and a policy outlining how you will treat private information collected from users (see ‘Legal tips’).


Getting advice

It can be hard to know what visitors will expect from your site. It might help to talk to potential users, existing customers, friends and colleagues to find out what they are looking for.

Making sure that your code is consistent with web coding standards