You can create a broad range of eye-catching ads with display advertising.


A banner ad is an advertisement for your organisation that is  embedded into someone else’s webpage and appears as an image, animation, video or interactive element. If people are interested, they can click on the banner ad to visit your website.

Benefits of banner ads

Some benefits of banner ads include:


  • Banner advertising may be more eye-catching than the typical text-based ads that are used for search engine marketing (SEM).
  • Banner ads generally give you greater creative freedom to choose colours, fonts and images. They also allow for movement, sound, video and interactivity. This freedom may help you to communicate more about your products and/or services and build on your organisation’s brand.
  • You may reach new audiences who may not have necessarily known that your products and services existed before. This is different to SEM, where web users see ads for certain types of organisation based on what they are already searching for.

Pay per click and pay per impression banner ads

Some websites charge on a pay per click (PPC) basis to run your banner ads. This means you pay only for the traffic sent to your website resulting from users that click on your ad.

Alternatively, some websites may expect a pay per impression (PPI) payment structure (also known as cost per impression), which means that you pay for the number of times the advertisement is displayed on the relevant website.


DigitalIQ tips

Ad placement

To drive high levels of interest in your banner ad, you do not necessarily have to place it on a high traffic site. A specific offer on a site with the right audience may be all you need.

For more information on forming advertising relationships with likeminded organisations, see ‘Affiliate marketing’.