Putting yourself on the map can be a valuable promotional tool.


If you have a physical shopfront, online map services may make it easier for people to find you—this could be a significant benefit for  bricks and mortar organisations.

Using online mapping services

If you rely on customers, clients or supporters finding your physical location, you might like to consider listing yourself on an online mapping service.

People who want to find the physical location of an organisation often search an online mapping service to help them locate it. Some customers do this from a mobile device.

Online maps also frequently appear in search results. This means they can help draw people to your physical location.

Getting listed on online mapping services

You may want to get your organisation’s location(s) listed on online mapping services. Some mapping services also allow you pay to promote your organisation.

These services include:

external linkGoogle Places

external linkBing Maps

external linkNokia Maps

external linkWhereis

For information on advertising on map-based user review sites, see ’Word of mouth: Review sites’.

Providing a map on your website

Providing a map can help users of your website find the physical shopfront(s) of your organisation.

You might like to consider using an online mapping service to help you do this. They can generally provide you with the  markup language needed to  embed a map of your location(s) into your site.

When you are putting a map on your website, these mapping tools may allow you to do things like:


  • Create maps based on Australian locations and access aerial and satellite imagery.
  • Provide map navigation tools (like zoom and panning).
  • Add markers to the map, including street labels.
  • Create route maps and turn-by-turn directions between addresses.
  • Convert a street address into latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Convert latitude and longitude coordinates into a street address.

In some instances, Google will automatically add a location for your business on its map service or one of your customers may add a location for you. In these cases, you can claim your location to make it official and control your details. Find out more on the Google Places for Business site.

Digital TipMapping tools can also be used to track delivery
or service vehicles or optimise their routes.