Your Technology Needs - Our Mission


Digital IQ community advisors are ready to assist you in achieving whatever is important to YOU or your COMMUNITY.


We work with you and communities to determine your interests, needs and how technology or the internet can empower YOUR interests, needs and ambitions.


We first seek to listen and understand your specific wants.


Digital IQ can provide you with practical and doable steps, simply and quickly. 


It is our privledge, to help individuals begin their digital journey.  We also help community groups, seeking to improve community connectivty.


As a highly mobile and agile free community resource, Digital IQ community advisors are available to "Meet Up" with you over a coffee at a number of cafe 'location partners', at a local area community 'meet up' point or else where via prior arrangement.   



Digital IQ community advisors are able to come to you, even if you live 'out the road'.


We understand, checking internet connectivity can be something you need; hence, we can come to you. For more information, see "Meet Up Dates & Locations"


Prioritizing you


It all begins with YOU! and the technology support we provides revolves around your immediate needs.


Our mission is to ensure that your technology requirements are met. We think, act and help you in a way that prioritises your needs.


This means putting you (and, if necessary, trustworthy contacts) at the centre of determining what you need to know, based on your situation, experiences and technology requirements.


If you have specific immediate requirements, we'll endeavour to provide immediate and responsive support. 


What matters most is what you're interested in and how technology can fit your needs. Not how YOU fit in, with the challenges presented by technology.


We are ready to help. Get in touch for free support and understanding.  Here to help. 


We can also help you plan, develop, and manage your digital skills development; if this is what you would like to do.