FREE Support at 'Let's Connect Up'

Digital IQ community advisors are ready to assist you. We work with you to determine your interests, needs and potential technology requirements.


We first seek to listen and understand your specific wants.


Digital IQ helps with the very basics, though through years of experience,  we know there is a vast array of individual specific needs.


We can provide individuals with practical and doable steps, simply and quickly.


As a highly mobile and agile free community resource, Digital IQ community advisors are available to "Meet Up" with you over a coffee at a number of cafe 'location partners', at a local area community "Let's Connect Up' event or other convenient locations via prior arrangement*.   


Digital IQ community advisors are able to come to you, even if you live 'out the road'. We understand checking connectivity & technology setup can be something you need.


For more information see planned 'Let's Connect - 'Meet Up' days and area locations below. 


Digital IQ also has supported the training of trusted & security checked volunteer digital connectors across the region


To learn more about available "Meet Up" locations, click on the button below. 



*Community Advisors can arrange a date, time and location convenient to you. Generally within a 2 week time frame (dependent upon your location as per Federal electorate boundaries. See for more information).

Digital IQ Community Advisors are available to 'Meet Up" at the following locations and regularly connect with these locations, as per calender above.