Howard Products - David

Since 1991 we have been the exclusive distributor of Howard Products extensive range of furniture and wood-care products in Australia and New Zealand. Howard Products began production in California in 1969 and now the business is one of the most respected manufacturers and suppliers of high quality oils, waxes, polishes and restoration solutions in the global marketplace.


When we first began our Howard Products business all we worked with was a word processor. Photographic images were sent by post and then the proofs requiring confirmation were sent back to us by post. When fax machines came along, written communications at least, improved enormously.


We were among the first businesses in Tamworth NSW to get a web page up and running but in those days local knowledge about setting up a site and how to service and update it was very limited.


We ended up going through some quite painful and costly set-up processes and we are still working on getting it 100% the way we want it to be.


The speakers at the training sessions were most authoritative and convincing. All of our questions were answered and any doubts we may have had about the NBN’s efficacy were put to rest. We actually decided to greatly upgrade our SEO spend as a result of the information we gleaned at these sessions and when the NBN is a reality we will implement a whole range of new initiatives.