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To assist connect community to useful information, here are some quick, bite sized 'snippets' - from webinars attended by Digital IQ team members this week, as part of our Cyber IQ training and support. 


The 'snippets' are also accompanied with key learning materials, that can be accessed with support of Digital IQ team members. 

If you need help, feel free to reach out! 

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 Cyber IQ - Protect & Connect


We provide a range of direct training and advice, to assist with cyber security. For information call us. 


About Cyber IQ - Protect & Connect


Digital IQ developed Cyber IQ training and support, as we understand the importance of protecting community members from potential Cyber Security threats.


Digital IQ via the Cyber IQ platform aims to deliver advisory support & training solutions, to help small businesses & community members protect themselves from the most common cyber security dangers.


A cyber security event can be devastating for community members & small businesses. Unfortunately, we see the impact of cyber security incidents regularly, and the negative impacts these events have upon individuals & small businesses.


Digital IQ understands the 'fears & concerns' that community members & small businesses harbor towards the internet.  


Fortunately, cyber security & steps to manage risks doesn’t have to be difficult. There are simple measures that, if understood & implemented, can significantly avoid or reduce the impact of the most common cyber security events.


We understand that community members & operators of small businesses don’t have much time to spend on understanding the complexities of the internet or establishing complicated responses to potential risks.


But we also know that cyber security will underpin regional digital adoption ; empowering regional communities to grow, innovate & thrive.


Importantly, we are on the ground, visiting individuals, being seen ; assisting people to be Protected & Connected. Technology can bring good things, when good people are available and assisting. Here to help. 


On-line security & safety


Online security & safety — having the knowledge and abilities to use the internet effectively and safely — is essential for digitally connected communities. 


Australians' views about digital, and hence digitally connected communities, are influenced by their perceptions of online safety and confidence. While discussing the advantages of digital involvement is vital, it is also necessary to address the fears that many Australians have about getting online and the possibility for negative encounters.


The Australian public is very concerned about cyber security and safety. One in every two Australians is ‘extremely' or ‘very concerned' about their online security. The most common cyber security worries are fraud (72 percent) and identity theft (76 percent), with many people concerned about cyber security threats to the government and enterprises coming first. 


Although Australians are concerned about internet threats, many have a poor understanding of how to deal with them.

Without this understanding, people may be more hesitant to go online, increasing their risk of becoming a victim of cyber security issues such as fraud and identity theft.


That's where Digital IQ can help individual  and groups. To find out more, get in touch and we are happy to assist with free community guidance and support.