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Adding a touch of playfulness to your day is essential. Engage in our stimulating computer games to enhance your memory and challenge your cognitive abilities, while our mobile games help you refine your tapping, swiping, and zooming prowess. Embrace the fun and boost your mind!


At Digital IQ, our team takes pleasure in introducing captivating online games suitable for various digital platforms, including computers, smartphones, and tablets.


We also offer expertise in configuring digital devices, preloading them with essential games for group activities.


Feel free to reach out for further information. We're here to assist you!


Try these interesting games by click on the links below.


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At Digital IQ, our team is available for in-person meetings at a location convenient to you, ensuring personalized assistance in connecting with games. Alternatively, you may choose to utilize our self-paced, self-taught materials provided below. You can easily enroll in our online training modules. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


The Digital IQ team also run regular online Bingo games, with interesting prizes to be won each month. Get in touch to get involved.

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Life would be very dull without some playtime. Test your memory and tease your brain with our games for computers, while our games for smart devices work your tap, swipe and zooming skills.


Self paced learning available here or click on links, logo above.