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Fenella Jane - Lead Digital Mentor / Health and wellness stream

Fenella is a community minded regional local, who owns a health food store and is founder of Keep It Simple Solutions (KISS) wellness products and mentoring services. KISS is a reflection of Fenella's own personal philosophy on life! "what we give out, we get back, what we feed our mind and body, we ultimately feed our heart and soul"


Fenella has delivered coaching, training, mentoring and workshops across the region, volunteering time to deliver workshops to community groups across the region. As a long term regional local, she is passionate about the Be Connected initiative as a way to ‘put back’ into community. She can also be heard on ABC Radio - New England North West, talking about topics connected to health, wellness and happiness.

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Merril Baile- LEAD Senior Digital Mentor / lifestyle and share stream

Merril is our Senior Digital Mentor and Adviosr. Merill currently works for a Nursing Home facility, is living on a farm and is the proud mother to lovely children, who connect to the farming industry. She has completed all topics available via key initiative websites including Be Connected : Getting to know your device, Getting started online, Safety first and Connecting to others.


Merril is community and entrepreneurial minded, currently working on a new start up idea, innovating new ideas for Seniors travel and lifestyle requirements.  She enjoys helping and showing people, the opportunities available via understanding computers, smart phones, tables and the internet.  


David Jarman - Chief Digital Advisor / next gen innovation Stream leader

David provides strategic direction for projects that entwines youth engagement strategies with experienced entrepreneurs. A very talented innovator, part academic, part philosopher and passionate about putting back into community.


David is a volunteer with the SES services, who assists with projects across the region. 


As founder of Endeavor Consulting Services, offering financial management and international business solutions, David is a next gen entrepreneur.  

Matthew Sweeney - Volunteer Digital Advisor / MY REgional community projects stream

Matthew is a Chartered Accountant who has traveled far and wide in life as an accountant. From Sydney to London to regional NSW, advising large corporate businesses to small sole traders just starting out. 


Matthew chooses to live in the region he calls home and works with businesses and community to assist people reach their potential.  He philosophy on life " I start by understanding "why" people are seeking advice so we can then tailor the "what" and "how" to achieve outcomes that matter for the people will assist" 


Matthew has co-authored a business book "Why Small Businesses Stop Growing and What to do about it"

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Derek Tink - Assistant Junior Administrator

Derek is a community minded regional local, who assists as a volunteer and assists with administration for the team of volunteer Digital Mentors. Derek is motivated to connect people in need, to local area support networks.   


Derek has previously assisted administer Digital Development and Community Support programs, assisting coordinate  workshops and ‘face to face’ digital advisors within the community. A passionate regional local, with a long family history in the region, Derek is passionate about regional communities having access to services and support, available within metro areas like & assisting erode 'digital exclusion' in the bush. Favorite saying "To make good things happen in the regions, you need to have good people on the ground in the region ; doing the right thing and leading by example"


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