DriveAware IQ: Understanding Digital IQ for Safe Roads

In today's fast-paced and information-rich world, it's crucial not to overlook certain responsibilities, especially those concerning vehicle registration and insurance. Here are some important considerations:


  • Did you know that driving an unregistered vehicle can result in fines over $700?
  • Even if you've paid for insurance in full, failing to register your vehicle can render your insurance null and void.
  • Forgetting your registration payment can lead to a $700 fine for driving an uninsured vehicle, despite having insurance coverage.
  • Most importantly, if you are involved in an accident while inadvertently driving an unregistered, and thus uninsured vehicle, the financial and social consequences can be severe
  • Fines can also be imposed for driving vehicles whilst using a smartphone. It's important to understand why.

A significant increase in fines has been noted for individuals and organizations that forget to renew their vehicle registrations, as well as for other offences such as using smartphones while driving. Learn more.

As government services transition to digital platforms, accessible through websites and mobile applications, the importance of timely access to accurate information cannot be overstated. Yet, a significant number of Australians encounter difficulties in utilizing the internet and associated technologies, leading to a risk of digital exclusion and 'Information Access Disparity.' In contrast, and somewhat paradoxically, it is equally crucial to acknowledge and understand the potential hazards that smartphone technology can pose to our communities.


How Digital IQ Can Assist - Introducing DriveAwareIQ


Digital IQ and the DriveAwareIQ campaign is dedicated to supporting individuals at risk of digital exclusion and "Information Access Disparity." Our team, comprising volunteers who generously offer their time and expertise, provides direct training and support to individuals and groups, aiming to reduce challenges related to "Information Access Disparity."


Our community focused and freely provided services include:


Foundation Skill Development: Understanding the basics of the internet, smartphones, and mobile applications.

Smartphone Usage: How to use a smartphone and access key government service apps.

Online Connectivity: Getting acquainted with devices and starting to connect online.

Navigating MyGov Services: Setting up and linking services in MyGov.

Government Services Online: State and Territory government services and how to access them effectively.

Service NSW Connectivity: How to effectively connect to Services NSW online and their mobile applications.

Support for Organizations: Assistance for entities struggling to connect with Service NSW.

Reminder Setup: How to set up reminders for important dates.

Correct Use of Technology and Safety: Understanding the impact of technology on driver behavior and societal implications.

Road Safety Awareness: Connections between road crashes and technology, and avoiding distractions while driving.


The team at Digital IQ understands the challenges associated with digital exclusion and "Information Access Disparity." To maximize your chances of avoiding fines and other expenses associated with legal issues related to unregistered or uninsured vehicles, connect with Digital IQ for free training, advice, and support.


If you know someone who struggles with technology, consider their risk of digital exclusion and "Information Access Disparity." According to media reports, fines are growing and in some states exceeding $1 billion. The estimated annual cost of road crashes in Australia is approximately $22 billion per year.


Be Digitally Smart, Stay Connected, and Overcome "Information Access Disparity" with Digital IQ.


Call or email us now for more information regarding freely provided support services. Also, watch this space as in the near future, the team at Digital IQ will be providing free access to a nationally accessible training and support program to assist erode  "Information Access Disparity." that will greatly assist individuals, community and society around the nation. 


Digital IQ Team Commit to Road Safety


Digital IQ team members and volunteers have completed Pledges to Safety, we are committed to reduce the number of people injured and killed on Australian roads. Everybody is encouraged to make a pledge to share the responsibility of reducing road trauma.

By taking this pledge, we are agreeing to accept the responsibility of helping to make our roads safer and we acknowledge that we will:

  • Avoid distractions such as your mobile phone or GPS
  • Take adequate breaks on long trips, be properly rested and stay hydrated
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

We commit to this pledge because we acknowledge that everyone needs to share the responsibility of reducing our road toll and we are determined to do all that we can to protect everyone from the overwhelming grief that comes from losing someone they love through road trauma.

Digital IQ - Registration Reminder
Digital IQ - Registration Reminder
Print out this piece of paper and write down the details for your registrations, including due dates.
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Digital IQ - Registration Reminder Notic
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Learn to Be Connected via Service NSW

In this course, you’ll learn about some of the most beneficial government services you can access online, as a resident of New South Wales. You’ll find out about the website and the Service NSW app, and how you can access services and manage your personal information, by using your Service NSW account.



You can sign up for this online course, or if you would like assistance face to face, give Digital IQ a call. We are happy to assist.

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