East West - Steph

East West is a testing laboratory located in Tamworth. We serve a diverse client base by providing a wide range of geotechnical, agricultural and environmental services such as sampling, analyses and reports.


Prior to participating in digital advisor sessions and workshops with Digital IQ, we had a static website with little use of digital marketing tools, such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics and rich media tools such as YouTube.


After the engagement, we developed an integrated Digital Strategy and Action Plan to progress our website capability, expand digital marketing and explore rich media use.


The main reason I participated was the overwhelming need for information on how best to design and implement a Digital Strategy. We only had some vague ideas about the need to adopt the new digital technologies available to stream line processes and meet customer needs.


Up till now, lack of access to high-speed broadband has been a real issue for small business operating in rural NSW.


Our business connects with our clients all over Australia through email and our website. With the NBN in place it would decrease the lag time between sending and receiving emails, enable our customers to access YouTube to download ‘how to sample’ videos and for us to provide a more interactive website.


I am excited about the future and the improved marketing and increased productivity that will result.  We are looking at developing applications, becoming a paperless office, using cloud technology, signing on to the NBN, developing a new website with the features recommended such a blogs and “how to” YouTube video links, further developing Google Adwords and using other search engines and optimising our networking using LinkedIn and Facebook.