A.I. IQ: Digital Sisters

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a cutting-edge technology with immense potential to enhance digital skills and confidence, making our lives more convenient. However, like any new technology, AI can cause harm if not used responsibly, ethically, inclusively, or equitably. Our research indicates that women are particularly vulnerable to digital exclusion. One in four women report needing more support to keep up with technological changes, and one in five feel overwhelmed by the constant evolution of tech.


This issue is especially pressing with the advent of AI. To ensure that all women in Australia are digitally empowered, they must feel confident in their ability to understand and keep up with AI advancements.


We are thrilled to partner with the exceptional Good Things Foundation, along with their esteemed supporters Telstra and Microsoft. Together, we're helping to explore how A.I. can bring positive advancements to the regional areas we serve. We firmly believe that when dedicated individuals, groups, and communities come together, incredible things can happen. It's a privilege to assist others during these transformative times.


Digital Sisters - Kathyrn, Fenella and LJade


Our project team driving Digital Sisters across the region, is seeking to close the digital divide for women. By supporting women to be safely, confidently, and affordably online, we aim to contribute towards helping the individuals we serve benefit from technology. We support empowering women to keep up with tech changes, including A.I., showcasing the good things technology can bring. 


The Digital IQ team has been participating in workshops and delivering face-to-face advice and consultation, particularly to women who need greater digital skills and confidence to better understand and use AI.


Are you familiar with AI? Have you ever used an AI-powered tool or application? Interested in learning more? To get started, click on the link below to a survey connected to AI. For more information, call or email.


Yours in digital,

Digital IQ