Paradise Fresh - Brendon

Paradise Fresh began with farmers looking to sell their product direct to consumers through the Internet. Paradise Fresh are a home delivery fruit and vegetable franchise with all ordering through our website. We are a regionally based franchise system with a priority on using locally sourced produce from each area.


We have an ecommerce website. We utilise a variety of social media platforms for marketing – Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. We conduct email marketing campaigns.


I participated in Digital IQ workshops to find out more on the things I don’t know that I don’t know – to hear about new ideas and new technology, to meet others locally using technology, to network and help other businesses utilising digital media in their business.


In the past, slow download speeds have hindered the use of the marketing videos we currently use through social media.  We have many customers struggling to use our website due to the download speeds not loading code effectively and it is costing us dearly.


I expect that the NBN will allow us to use greater amounts of video technologies effectively in our regional areas.