Socialising Online

Are you familiar with the term social media? If not, let's explore its meaning together.


Social media encompasses various applications (commonly known as apps) that enable communication, information sharing, and the exchange of ideas and interests among individuals using computers or smart devices.


Traditionally, people would gather in clubs and social events, or simply make phone calls to connect with one another. While these methods are still prevalent, the advent of computers and smart devices has given us additional avenues to exchange information.


Over the past two decades, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others have evolved significantly, transforming the way we interact with one another and perceive the world.


Time approx to complete - 30 mins


This course aims to acquaint you with the realm of social media, covering the following key aspects:


Understanding how social media functions. (Duration: 4 minutes)

Exploring the benefits of utilizing social media. (Duration: 5 minutes) 

Familiarizing yourself with major social media applications. (Duration: 6 minutes)

Learning essential safety precautions while using social media. (Duration: 7 minutes)

Delivery Modes

Schedule a meeting with a skilled and secure Digital Mentor at a mutually convenient date and time for a face-to-face interaction.

Coordinate a suitable date and time to connect virtually with a reliable Digital Mentor. Utilize platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams.

Access online, self-paced learning resources to stay connected. Monitor your progress and achieve certificates as you advance through Be Connected materials.