Digital IQ - Selfie

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Knowing how to do a selfie empowers YOU to share stories. share history and try things like video calling.

Well done. 


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Self-paced online courses - from Be Connected

Getting set up for video calling


In this course, you will learn a little about what video calling is and what equipment you need to get set up. It’s actually very simple to video call on the internet using your computer, tablet or smartphone.


There are a few things you need, such as a camera and speakers, but don’t worry, most laptops, smartphones, and tablets already have everything you need installed on them.


This course has been specially designed for larger screens, so for the best experience, please view these activities on a laptop or desktop computer.


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Direct Training and Support

Option: Direct Free Classes - Immediate Support & Online, At Your Convenience


We stand ready to assist you in cultivating essential internet, digital, and computer skills. All you need to do is express your interest, and we can seamlessly coordinate meeting times to provide you with regular and direct guidance and coaching to initiate your journey. We offer direct support individually or collaborate with a network of highly skilled and trustworthy Digital Mentors.  We help you with the famous cowboy saying top of mind "Your word is your bond." 


This saying reflects the importance of keeping one's promises and being honest in all dealings, which are crucial values in the cowboy and western culture. Trust was of paramount importance in the Old West, and this saying exemplifies the idea that a person's word should be reliable and trustworthy. As it was back then, so it should be today.