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HealthDirect -

Healthdirect Australia is a national, government-owned, not-for-profit organisation. We have been helping Australians manage their health and wellbeing for over a decade through a range of different information and advice services.


My Hospitals -

MyHospitals is a government-owned website that has been set up to ensure the entire Australian community has easy access to nationally consistent and comparable performance information for public and private hospitals.


Eat for Health -

They provide recommendations (based on the latest scientific evidence) on how to eat a healthy diet which can improve the health of Australians and reduce the burden of preventable diet-related death, illness and disability.


Head to Health -

Head to Health brings together apps, online programs, online forums, and phone services, as well as a range of digital information resources to help you manage your mental health.


Better Health Channel -

Better Health Channel provides health and medical information to improve the health and wellbeing of people and the communities they live in. The information is quality assured and reliable as it is fully funded through the Victorian government.


NSW Health -


When you’re ready to start searching the internet for your own health and wellbeing information, a Digital IQ - Healthy IQ Mentor will be able to give you some advice on where to get started.