Digital IQ - A Be connected partner

Be Connected is an Australia wide initiative empowering all Australians to thrive in a digital world. The initiative provides online learning resources as well as a Network of community partners - the Be Connected Network - who offer in-person support so community members 50+ years of age can develop digital skills and confidence.


Digital IQ is a Be Connected Partner delivering a range of activities outlined below. 


community TRAINING - ‘Digital Mentoring: Helping your community Be Connected’.

‘Digital Mentoring: Helping your community Be Connected’ is an interactive, free training and support program for digital mentors working in the Be Connected program.


Digital mentors participating in this program will receive one full day of training plus two hours of follow up support, building their confidence in delivering digital skills support to people aged over 50 in their community. Participating digital mentors will increase their understanding of best practice digital mentoring techniques and how to tailor their delivery to meet the needs of learners.


The training and support program is being delivered by Digital IQ, a Be Connected Capacity Builder on behalf of Good Things Foundation.


Digital IQ  - Network Partner

Digital IQ is a Network Partner, providing direct support to communities within the Tamworth and Warrumbungles Shire areas. As a Network Partner within these areas, we raise awareness of the Be Connected program online training resources and assist community members to register for the initiative. 



Network Partners provide a local place for friendly help and advice and network partners join the initiative to help others. 


Where Digital IQ is a Network Partner, we provide access to free community meet ups, so that community members 50+ years of age can engage, learn and share their experiences, connecting with digital technology. Digital IQ is actively developing groups, raising awareness of available resources and pursing measurable outcomes. 

Digital IQ  - "LEts get connected" Activities

Digital IQ  as a partner with Be Connected also delivers additional "Lets Get Connected" activities including themed activities across regional and rural areas.


"Lets Get Connected" activities includes Meetups, Connect Ups and group time, all forming part of additional activities designed to meet identified community needs. 


"Lets Get Connected" activities are provided with themed information e.g. Health, Hobbies, Education and more in mind ; reflecting identified community needs and how Digital technology can be of benefit in these themed areas. 


Digital IQ  - "Meet Up" locations

Digital IQ works with "meet up" location partners to provide advisory, workshops and digital resources explaining the opportunities provided to community within regional areas of NSW.



Digital IQ team members can arrange a date, time convenient for you, to meet up over a tea or coffee, to provide direct ‘face to face’ support to meet your needs; reducing the need for your to travel distances to connect with support.


We understand the importance of helping you, with what you need and want to know, at a location close to home. 

We take the time to listen and can then show you, how to use technology such as computers, smart phone, internet and more; with technology that comes to you.  


Our mobile team, travel with demonstration technology, so that you can ‘touch and feel’ the digital age. 


At "Meet Up" locations we aim to provide : -


a/. Information regarding Digital IQ and partner initiatives e.g. the Be Connected initiative 

b/. Assistance to connect to technology, initiatives and other forms of support (we call this sign posting) 

c/. Arrange to ‘meet up’ with a trained, friendly Digital support person to assist you; who has been authorized and verified as an approved support person (completing identification, police checks and other key requirements including training)


Digital IQ  - "Get ONline Week"

Digital IQ will partner with Be Connected,  to engage with communities to ensure everyone can take part in our increasingly digital world.


"Get Online Week" events will take place across the country, providing a friendly and welcoming opportunity for Australians to take the next step on their online journey.


Tailored events will be developed and delivered during October 2019. More information soon.