Digital Exclusion - The Challenge

Did you know, that 2.5 million Australians are not online, with many more occasional users still excluded from enjoying the everyday benefits of the internet.  Over 4.0 millions Australians are limited users who rarely engage with the internet or use only a few apps or websites.

  • 26% of over 65s, never use the internet
  • 25% of people with disabilities never use the internet
  • 63% of non users have no interest in the internet
  • 35% of non users have no access to the internet

Australians that are not engaging with the internet, are excluded from the benefits the internet can bring - the 'Digitally excluded'

Digital Exclusion to Digital Inclusion

Digital inclusion means ensuring people can use the internet and technology to improve their daily lives. This is not just a tech issue. Digital inclusion is about enabling access to everything the digital world has to offer to ensure no one is left behind.


In Australia, there is still much to be done to include everyone in the day-to-day benefits of digital. There are three main areas that need to be addressed to create a digitally inclusive nation.

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Help others discover new skills - Volunteer Digital Mentors

Are your friends or family members currently learning new digital skills?

Do you know people who could benefit from some friendly, helpful digital support?

Can you assist demonstrate how the internet can be useful for friends, families and community members?


Consider volunteering to assist others discover the benefits of the internet, develop new skills and build connections with our communities.


Help others to connect to skills and education

Help other to connect to essential health and government services

Help others to connect to family, friends and community


Together, we can tackle the challenge of 'digital exclusion' and supporting a 'digitally inclusive' region.


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