Let web users know about your organisation and its online presence


Once you have established an online presence, effective marketing is an important way to get the most out of the time and money you have invested in bringing your business online.


Effective online marketing can help make sure people know about your online presence. It can let you in on what people are saying online about your organisation. And it may help you to use data about how your online presence is used to continuously improve your operation.


Online marketing tools

Tips on the online tools that you can use to promote your organisation.


Increasing website traffic
Tips on the methods that you can use to help people find your website.

Marketing with social media
Tips on how you can make personal and informal contact with customers, supporters or donors using social media.


Online feedback
Tips on how you can receive and manage online feedback.

Measuring your online success
Tips on how you can use online tools to accurately measure your marketing campaign’s performance.