Planning your online activities

An online business plan can lay the foundation for an effective online presence.

An online business plan may help your organisation make the most of its online presence while minimising cost and effort.

What is in an online business plan?

An online business plan outlines what you hope to achieve using digital technologies, and how you hope to achieve it. It also helps to communicate the aims and objectives to other people in your organisation.


Developing an online business plan involves thinking about what your goals are and deciding how you will achieve them.


You can browse through this website to identify possible ways to achieve the objectives set out in your online business plan.

Developing an online business plan

The process of developing an online business plan will vary depending on your needs. However, a simple step-by-step approach can be useful.


For example:


•What goals do you have for your organisation?

•Which online activities would benefit your organisation?

•How can your online activities help you achieve your goals?

people can help with planning

You might find it useful to ask your customer or supporter base for feedback about what they may need from your online presence.


You can also discuss plans with other business owners or community organisations in relevant online forums.


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